And my childhood ended

Maureen on my Dad’s ‘Big Chair’ in the middle of her fight with breast cancer

All of my cousins were over. And late too! Such a rare event for a six year old to still be up after 9pm, no less on a school night. All the adults were off in the front porch as we played the Nintendo on our television. The year was 1990; this edition of the console was our Christmas gift from our Dad and packed a zapper gun that we were furiously using to tackle Duck Hunt. …

Here’s how to make it work for you instead

My first interview for a national newspaper happened while I was still at University. The talented Alina Doodnath had just volunteered to write at the magazine I had started for the Student Union on campus which became wildly successful and wanted to share this story as one of her first pieces of journalism at her new job. At the time, I had just won a second term on the Student Union, moving up from Publications Officer to Treasurer, was going into the second year of the magazine and thought, hell yes — let’s do this.

That piece was amazing, full…

The Church has surely sh*t-the-bed a few times

The Pope’s inevitable admission that same sex couples should be allowed the same courtesy and safety under the law to have a family should come as no surprise. Not just because of the man that is Pope Francis, but more so because the Catholic religion can no longer stand idly by as millions of people are left to the wilds of nefarious laws and antiquated thoughts — and sometimes brutal attacks and death — simply because of who they choose to love. It’s not the first time the ‘Church’ has reversed a failing dogma either.

Slaves and Interest Rates

The Church once had a…

Four supermarket brands share ONE crazy week in the midst of COVID19

Port of Spain, Trinidad.

While individual companies grappled with the challenges of remote work for their employees, the management and staff of our nation’s supermarkets are genuinely on the front lines of an invisible and global war. While adjusting to the world with Coronavirus threats, supermarkets also had to quickly innovate not just for their own survival but for the health and literal survival of their shopping membership as well. In this environment, every minute mattered.

As the COVID19 threat touched on our shores, keyboard warriors far and wide took to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to echo the rallying…

The creative entrepreneur charts a new path

When we last spoke with Anya Ayoung-Chee in March 2012, she was adjusting to the demands and plans that resulted from her Project Runway double win of both fan favourite and show winner and was engaged to long-time partner Wyatt Gallery, with a wedding planned for the following year. Life, of course, has its way and few things went according to plan. It was, however, in those changes, that a new Anya was to be found — this story is about her.

Wyatt, Kairi and Anya. Photo: Yaisa Tangwell

“Wyatt and I did finally get married and it’s quite a story. It’s just wonderful to be in…

A First Chat with Germany’s Caribbean Music Ambassador

What’s Carnival in Berlin, Germany like? There’s definitely one person to ask. Mika Raguaa has been a Soca DJ for seven years in Germany, promoting the Caribbean genre of music across large swathes of the continent — from Macedonia to Ibiza with a growing fan base. And this is her very first Carnival at the epi-center of the global Soca music movement.

Mika Raguaa (think of saying Nicaragua and you will get it) aka DJ Mika landed in Trinidad in early February to trace the roots of Soca and experience first-hand the party republic that is T&T. Sporting a…

Getting the better of the season and not letting it get the better of you

Photo by Spencer Imbrock. Edit by Huckleberry Media Co.

Christmas is by definition and by demonstration on television and social media, a beautiful time of the year. But it can also be an extremely challenging and stressful time for many, particularly in these difficult economic and polarising times. Navigating the finances, family, friends, festive occasions and feasts successfully requires some knowledge and know-how so you can ring in the new year with a celebration and not a cardiac incident.

Primary causes of Christmas stressors

The biggest threat to our health in these times has less to do with the age-old question of what they put in the ham and more to do with what…

Kinda, Sorta.. if you’re doing it wrong

Kristopher Roller on Unsplash. Edit: huckleberrymediaco

A friend of mine complained to me the other day that he felt like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round and just getting off to take a piss, eat some grub and get back on it. I told him he was damn lucky.

He had a wheel to exercise on, food to eat, water to drink and a caged but decent life.

“So you accept being the hamster just stuck on this wheel?” he asked.

“Oh, no, I’m not the hamster. I’m the f*cking wheel.”

I wake up every morning watch this fat ass hamster called Life…

Entrepreneurship is like piloting a plane being hit by bird strikes every morning

A song jarred me from my sleep this morning and triggered a cavalcade of memories, plans fulfilled and abandoned and a host of other thoughts, triggered stupidly by a Counting Crows hit from back in the day.

“I was down at the New Amsterdam
Staring at this yellow-haired girl..” 🎵

I was dancing and smiling. The lights in the nightclub caught my eager 16 year old face a few times out of the darkness. In front of me, another girl I probably cared so little about.

“Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation
With a black-haired flamenco dancer..” 🎵

I thought…

Your best online defense is a strong offline offense

Image: Edit: Huckleberry Media Co

It came as no surprise to many that the data and content that we so painstakingly crafted and curated over the past decade was taken and used against us. In the world of free social media networks, what really took us by surprise was just what the real cost was and just how invasive the data mining went.

Here’s Robinson Meyers’ (of The Atlantic) quick explanation of the Cambridge Analytica issue:

In June 2014, a researcher named Aleksandr Kogan developed a personality-quiz app for Facebook. It was heavily influenced by a similar personality-quiz app made by the Psychometrics Centre, a…

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/// Word wanderer. World wonderer.

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