Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Miss One Thing About Your Data

Your best online defense is a strong offline offense

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Image: Edit: Huckleberry Media Co

You Are Being Controlled

Your morals aside, one would not have reasonably expected that your data being shared to one app, would be assembled with a profile on you, down to the GPS coordinates you share with the app, to be shared BY the app or rather its parent company. That’s downright frightening. And if you think these ‘breaches’ or violations are being only done by third parties and not the social media sites themselves, here’s a refresher from four years ago:

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Image: ///FINN Photography. Huckleberry Media Co

Would people be happier if social media never happened? Probably.

By assuming a strong position in your sense of self — by crafting a fastidious image of yourself FOR yourself and not for the masses on social media, you can become immune to the changes and influences of the networks. You want to realise that there is life outside of the networks and the networks miss that important bit of data. But they won’t for long.

/// Word wanderer. World wonderer.

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